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Spreader Settings and Info

Granule Size Guide

Mini Granular Fertiliser:

0.7 - 1.9mm. 150 SGN

Ideal for greens, lawns and any close-cut turf. Ensures the highest coverage and uniformity. Effectively penetrates the sward.Suitable for grass cut above 3 mm or 6 mm for controlled release.

Graded Fertiliser:

1.9 - 2.9mm. 250 SGN

Provides a greater economy than Mini and still provides effective coverage.Ideal for lawns, parks, and less technical turf applications.Suitable for grass cut to 10 mm or above.

Important analysis information

Oxide Values

All nutrient analysis values are quoted as the oxide value, even when not explicitiy stated as such, for example P is quoted as P2O5.


All liquid analysis values are quoted asw/v (weight/volume) rather than w/w(weight/weight)

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Spreader settings are for guidance only bases on Accupro SR-2000, actual rates may vary according to variations in machine, technique and weather.

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