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  • A natural zeolite called Clinoptilolite

  • An ivory coloured free-flowing granular product.

  • Approximate formula: (Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Na) 3-6Si30Al6O72.24H2O

Product Usage

Apply Zeolite either by top dressing or “drill and fill” techniques. Improves nutrient and fertiliser retention in the root zone Granules absorb soluble nitrogen and potassium, reducing leaching of key nutrients Porous granules increase aeration resulting in healthier turf Improves germination rates Helps protect against fertiliser scorch Robust granules resist soil compaction


Additional Product Information

Mineralogical Analysis (Typical data)

Clinoptilolite                                     88-95%
Feldspars                                          3-5%
Montmorillonite                               2-5%   
Muscovite                                         0-3%
Cristobalite                                       0-2%

Chemical Composition (Typical data)

SiO2 65-72%                        As < 8 ppm

Al2O3 10-12%                      Cd < 0.6 ppm

CaO 2.5-3.7%                       Pb < 30 ppm

K2O 2.3-3.5%                       Hg < 0.1ppm

MgO 0.9-1.2%                      Fe2O3 0.8-1.9%

Na2O 0.3-0.65%                  TiO2 0-0.1%

MnO2 0-0.08%                    LOI 9-12%


Packaging 25kg bags or 1000kg bags. The chemical (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations do not apply to this product. Its use should not present a hazard in normal circumstances. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet or the product label.

Physical Properties (Typical data)



Specific Gravity                               2.0-2.4

Bulk Density                                    0.8-0.9


Hardness                                         2-3


Porosity                                            45-50%

Cation Exchange Capacity            1.5-1.9meq/g

Micropre Area                                  11m2/g

Mesopore Area                                29m2/g

pH                                                      7.0-9.0

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