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Revitalise Liquid Energy is a high quality liquid formulation containing carbohydrates in the form of Glucose with added Humic Acid, Seaweed Extract, Trace elements and Natural Wetting Agent. This highly active supply of plant sugars provides an excellent source of energy for rhizosphere bacteria and mycorrhiza fungi. This energy converts into nitrate and phosphates, which promotes the development of healthy sward.

Revitalise contains;

  • Carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars which stimulates microbial growth

  • Plant growth hormones derived form seaweed extract to promote root development, stress relief and protect plant count

  • Natural wetting agent for improved take up

  • Trace Elements which helps promote healthy turf


The food source provided by “Revitalise” actively allows the dormant microbes to receive nitrogen and carbon complexes required in order for them to become activated and fulfil their tasks

  • Help maximise nutrient inputs and increase performance when used regularly

  • Stimulate rapid recovery on slow performing greens

  • Ideal for applying to new seedlings to help germination and establishment

  • Improve performance of sward prior to a tournament or event

Application Rates - Greens, Tees & Fairways & Other Amenity Turf

Apply at a rate of 10-15 litres per hectare dilute in 200-500 litres of water per hectare. For subsequent applications through main season when plant count is actively growing, apply at a rate of 5 litres per hectare, diluted in 200-500 litres of water per hectare. For best results apply every 2-4 weeks Packed in 5Ltr Containers

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