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Have you tried PURITY Soil Conditioner?

Our customers have been getting some amazing results, and now following extensive lab and field trials we are launching two new liquid soil conditioning products to help turf care professionals maintain a quality sward surface through the autumn and winter period.

NEW! Liquid Purity   10 ltr 


Our extremely popular Granular Purity Soil Conditioner now has a liquid version. Containing the same active ingredients and to be used for the same regime as Granular Purity, this product is designed for those who would like to apply Purity through their sprayers.

Application rate: Apply at 80 litres/ha in 500 litres of water/ha

Ideally, water in heavily after application but this is not essential. Apply during the autumn to spring period as required. A single application should be sufficient if applied at the correct time of year but monitor the results and consider a repeat application 4 – 6 months later.

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