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New Exciting Liquid Products

For application to amenity turf in order to gently acidify the top layers of soil. 

It has been shown that surface soil casts are significantly reduced or even eradicated on lower pH soils. 

Soil casting causes unsightly turf, poor ball roll, machinery blade damage, weed encroachment and increased turf disease risk. 

Applications of OUTCAST are designed to tackle the soil cast problem. 

Application rate: 

Apply at 20ltrs / ha in 500 litres of water/ha. Ideally, the first application should be made 1 to 2 weeks before expected problems occur. Allow a week after application to see first signs of effects. 

Monitor the areas and at first sign of reoccurrence of problems a second application of 10ltrs / ha in 500 litres of water/ha can be made.

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