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Onyx is an organic plant based liquid fertiliser.

  • Rich, black liquid fertiliser
  • Rich in organic Matter
  • Rich in amino acids

Manufactured and processed by GreenBest and then developed into a range of highly effective biostimulants. This unique organic based biostimulant delivers nitrogen, potassium, trace elements and significant levels of amino acids. Produced from concentrated plant extracts that have significant biostimulation properties as well as supplying macro and micro nutrients. These all go to greatly reduce stress from weather conditions, moving and the use of pesticides and fertiliser.

The Onyx range all promote an early establishment for new or over seeding as well as increasing the uptake of available nutrients in the soil. Optimising the use of the nutrients already in the soil has financial benefit for the user as well as brilliant environmental advantages.

The liquid range is ideal for golf tees, fairways and surrounds as well as sports pitches, lawn care, general amenity turf and horticulture. Available in 10L, 20L, 200L and 1000L IBC containers.

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