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  • The LIQUID-X RANGE are all manufactured with a unique system that binds and chelates, Fulvic acids and Amino acids to the ionic plant nutrients in each product. This use of organic agents makes these products many times more efficient in terms of foliar uptake than non chelated ions or chemical chelates.
  • The LIQUID-X RANGE is formulated with the correct chemical forms of each nutrient to allow fast foliar uptake, translocation and immediate use within the plant tissue.

  • The LIQUID-X RANGE have two further adjuvants, one to spread and flatten droplets on the leaf and one to stick the solution to the surface allowing higher surface area contact for a longer period of time.

  • The LIQUID-X RANGE contains a further unique fractional plant extract that reduces the stress of foliar nutrient application to the leaf and makes the plant more receptive to foliar intake and fast internal movement of the nutrients to their required location.

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