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A liquid soluble Iron used to correct Iron deficiencies. Excellent for ‘Greening Up’ amenity turf, whether prior to an event or as part of a winter hardening programme. This formulation is a blend of Iron products, which give a consistent result.

Application Rates for Greens, Tees & Fairways

For average maintenance application and ‘greening up’, apply 1.4 litres per average sized green (500 sqm) or 25 litres per hectare (18 greens). For extra effect, apply at a rate of 4.2 litres per average sized green (500 sq m) or 75 litres per hectare (18 greens). (NB: Applied at the higher rate, blackening of the turf may occur before ‘greening up’ takes place and moss will be blackened)

Dilute product in 400-600 Ltrs of water per hectare.

NOTE: Fertiliser containing Ferrous Sulphate (Fe) should not be applied to Wood or Stone as staining may occur

Liquid Iron
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