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  • Firstcawl stimulates soil life which will help to breakdown locked up nutrients in the soil.
  • The unique blend of ingredients include a high organic content, carbohydrates, Nitrogen, amino acids, trace elements, cold processed seaweed, Iron and liquid manure.

  • Increases chlorophyll content and therefore photosynthesis
  • Improve turf quality and colour
  • Promotes strong root growth
  • Improved drought and disease resistance
  • Application Rate 50-100Ltr per Ha in 400-600Ltr of water.
  • Includes collection of empty IBC.
  • K-iron 6%k+2%Mg+3%Chelated iron+Wetter+TE 20Ltr per Ha
  • Amino + 6%K + wetter applied at 10-20Ltr per Ha in 300-600Ltr of water
  • 4%Fe complex + 4%K + Wetter + indictor Dye 20-30Ltr per Ha in 400-600Ltr of water
  • High Mag liquid 7% mg0 + Amino + humate + wetter 20Ltr per Ha in 400-600Ltr of water
  • Seaweed
  • Vitality 8% Seaweed 20Ltr per Ha
  • Seaweed and Humic Liquid Biostimulant + 2%fe 20Ltr per Ha
  • Iron
  • 7 % Chelated Iron 25Ltr per Ha
  • 6% Fairway Iron 20Ltr per Ha
  • 6% Fairway Iron 20Ltr per Ha
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