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  • Analysis 3-0-0 3%Fe 1%MgO (or) 3-0-0 7%Fe 2%MgO
  • Contains nitrogen, iron, magnesium and high levels of sulphur
  • Blended with technical amenity turf sand


Product Usage

For green-up and hardening of grass, especially during the spring and autumn periods If used at a high application rate then it will blacken turf and moss will be scorched

Application Period

Usually applied during the autumn, winter and spring periods

Application Rates

35gms to 100gms per sqm

Pack coverage 200 to 575 sqm

Apply at the lower rate for green-up or at high rates for blackening

Application Notes

Ideally apply with a double pass to give even coverage

Do not apply when frost is present or expected

Do not apply in strong sunlight, drought conditions or when the grass is stressed

Warning : Products containing iron will stain wood, stone and other hard surfaces. Clear this product from these areas immediately with a dry brush or blower.

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