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Garlic Leather Jacket Is used as a Ecological Treatment for the control of Leather Jackets. Once its applied it is taken up by the roots and then quickly absorbed in all the cell walls. The product will also remain on the surface layer. After the application the odour and taste of the plant and surface are modified. This results in the Leather Jacket / Cranefly being forced to lay her eggs elsewhere.

After the application there will be 30/45 minutes of a Garlic odour. This will the disipate but remain on the leaf and in the soil profile. The applications should be applied at the first sign of activity. The programme lasts for between 3 to 5 weeks. This depending on the weather (Rainfall) and the course cutting regime.

Due to the changes in our seasons further applications may be needed. These usually start mid/late September. The purpose of further applications are so the plant can defend itself more easily, thus causing the plant to be naturally better in dealing with the onset of Leather Jackets/Cranefly.


Application Rates


20ltrs per Hectare in 300/400ltrs of water

Avoid spraying in temperatures above 25 degrees.

Garlic Leather Jacket
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