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A unique, third generation blend of soil surfactants and wetting agents which are extremely effective from the grass blade, through the hydrophobic humic layer and right down to the root zone. The innovative mix of constantly self modifying charged micelles vigorously work against hydrophobic conditions by holding down moisture thereby maximising natural humic layer biodegradation and uniform root nutrient uptake.

  • New Synergistic Molecular Architecture
  • Long lasting unique zwitterionic effect

  • Improved elemental irrigation

  • Self modifying micelle action according to soil structure

  • REACH compliant

  • Compatible with all application equipment types

  • Acid and Alkaline soil compatible

  • Readily and evenly re-wets after dry periods

  • Root zone enriching.

The Eliminate DP application should be three applications April May July 20 litres in 400-600 litres water dependant on weather conditions


ELIMINATE D.P ----------------------- Corrective

ELEMENT 150-240 --------------------- 150 Day Long Term Wetter

ELEMENT 30 RWA --------------------- 30 days Residual Wetter

ELEMENT 30 + SEAWEED --------------- Deep Penetrant

ELEMENT 90 -------------------------- Wetter & Root Enhancer

ELEMENT FAIRWAY PWA --------------- 90 Days Wetter

ELEMENT FAIRWAY RWA --------------- Penetrant

ELEMENT FAIRWAY RWA + KELP -------- Residual Wetter

BREAKTHROUGH WA PELLET + KELP ---- Pellet for deep water penetration

BREAKTHROUGH RWA PELLET + KELP--- Pellet for spot treating & root development




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