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  • Third generation Concentrated formulation of surfactants
  • Very effective at reducing surface water tension helping prevent the formation of dew
  • Attaches to the surface of the leaf giving longevity
  • Reduces swishing time
  • Ideal for weekends and Holiday times
  • Helps with the control of Fusarium
  • Most effective when applied to dry grass

Newly formulated 1stCall Dew-it will disperse dew for up to 30 days after application, this can vary due to conditions when applying such as temperature, severity of dew, type and dryness of grass and mowing regime. Can be tank mixed with other non pesticides.

Application Rate

8-10 Litres of 1st Call Dew-it in 400-660 litres water will treat 1 Hectare

Packed in 4 x 5 Litre Containers

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