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Manufactured from corrosion resistant substrates and polyester resins, incorporating refined high grade aluminum oxide aggregate granules for an extremely durable and slip resistant finish. The Anti-Slip panel offers significant advantages over traditional metal and wood substrates. We are able to provide tailor-made, cost effective solutions to everyday workplace slip hazards.

Key Product Advantages

  • No product de-lamination

    Anti-Slip sheet is a resin-based material. There is no difference in thermal expansion rates between substrate & top coat, thereby eliminating de-lamination of the product,even after an extended period

  • Corrosion resistant

    Chemically inert, fiberglass is impervious to water in gression and a wide range of commonly used chemicals which can otherwise create problems when in contact with metals.

  • Lightweight

    These products are, on average, less than 60% of the weight of metal substrates.

  • Extremely Durable

    Our Anti-Slip products use only ‘A’ grade aggregates bettered in resilience only by industrial diamond.

  • Custom Made

    These products can be made to your specification, which offers the most cost effective and rapid solution

  • Retro-fitting

    The speed of installation is beyond compare. Depending on site conditions panel sand treads can be fitted in minutes and used immediately.

  • No down time

    A mechanical fix will ensure immediate use reducing the need for costly commercial down time.

  • Hygienically Sealable

    For use in food preparation plants these products can be installed using special supplied sealants preventing ingression of liquids and microbial contamination

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