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  • Highly visible, temporary pattern indicators for even disbursement and full surface area coverage
  • Prevent overlapping
  • Highlights missed areas
  • Identifies wind drift
  • Visual guide to the efficiency of spray heads
  • Non Toxic
  • Available in RED, BLUE and GREEN
  • Compatible with fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides
  • Application rate 125ml per 100 litres of mixed spray chemicals
  • Available in 1Kg and 5Kg bottles

1st Call Pond Black Algae inhibitor for ornamental ponds.

Ideal for providing a visual indicator of the area of the spray application, 1st Call SPI greatly reduces waste caused by overlap. The SPI dyes also highlights any drift of the spray ensuring that, if necessary, the spray iskept away from delicate areas such as shrubs. First Call spray pattern indicator does not permanently stain vegetation or soil and is suitable for use with liquid fertilisers, herbicides and fungicides.


Use 1st Cal SPI 800 at rate of 125-300ml per 100 litres of spray, making a 1 litre bottle capable of making up to 400 litres of spray.

We recommend the following method of use: Half fill the spray tank with clean water.Stir/agitate the water and add the required 1st Call SPI Add the pesticide or other treatment(s)Fill the spray tank

Useful Tips

1st Call SPI products are concentrated dyes that will stain skin and clothing, always wear glovesand take care when handling. The water quality in different areas will vary from very hard to very soft so we do NOT add any other chemicals to our products. If you work in an area that has hard water, you can use readily available products to prevent the build up of calcium in the tank and spray heads. If the spray heads are set to create a fine "mist" try to keep the heads close to the ground to avoid drifting.

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