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  • Blocks UV light, denying algae‘s food source

  • Harmless to Plants, Fish, Wildlife, Insects and Filters.

  • Completely free of pesticides, algaecides and other harmful chemicals creates a stunning, reflective surface on minutes

  • Easy to apply

  • Used by award winning landscape gardener

  • Featured in the BBC Program, "A Year at Kew"

1st Call Pond Black Algae inhibitor for ornamental ponds

Unlike many other products on the market used to clear algae from ponds, 1st Call Pond Black does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals such as herbicides, algaecides or bactericides. Within minutes of applying the product, the pond water is coloured black, instantly masking any suspended green algae creating a mirror like finish to the surface. Algae requires Ultra Violet (UV) light to grow, and 1st Cal Pond Black is a perfect barrier to deflect all light, including the UV light, halting the growth of existing algae and the formation of new Ponds treated with 1st Call Black do not pose a threat to insects, visiting wildlife, pets or fish. It is worth considering that once applied, it is almost impossible to see bellow the surface of the water effectively making any fish "invincible". the time taken clearing algae and weeds from ponds can run into many hours a week, so the use of 1st Call Pond Black is an obvious benefit. 1st Call Pond Black has been used by many Professional and Amateur Garden Designer to create a spectacular water features winning medals at most of the top flower shows.

1st Call Pond Black is a highly concentrated powder with the ability to stain skin or clothing, so please take care when opening the package and using the product. Fill a bucket or watering can to about three quarters with water (pond water is ok), gently add some 1st Call Pond Black and stir. Do not try to add too much, too soon as this will make it hard for the powder to dissolve. Introduce the mixture to different parts of the pond. Repeat until the surface of the water is a brilliant black. Keep any unused 1st Call pond Black in the original container. Store in a safe place, out of reach of children.

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